About Survival Jar

Author Bio:

My name is Matthew and welcome to Survival Jar. I have wanted to build this site for a while now, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share some ideas and thoughts on how our family prepares for any upcoming natural disaster.

I want to cover a lot of topics about DIY survival techniques. Preparing for the end of the world or a natural epidemic. Having a background in the armed forces has taught me much skill needed to survive in the wilderness for weeks on end.

Having the right equipment and tools needed to endure a natural disaster or failure of society is so important in these last days. Not only do we need to stockpile food, medicine, fuel, spare parts and weapons, we need to have the knowledge to be able to take care of ourselves.

That’s why I have decided to lay out the steps we have taken as a family to prepare for any large-scale disaster that we could encounter.

My Qualifications

Growing up in a remote town away from the city meant that we had to fend for ourselves. It meant that I was able to diagnose and repair household appliances, do my own car services and live off the land.

These are essential skills that helped me while I was in the army reserve. Finding food in the jungle or in the desert are skills we all should learn. That’s why I’m a big fan of MRE food packs but once they run out it’s up to ourselves to find food.

I studied as an electrician for 5 years which has given me a great appreciation for electrical power that we all take for granted. That’s why at home we have a combination of petrol generators, solar cells, and wind power for emergency power.

Why do we review survival products?

Here at Survival Jar we review a whole range of products that we use as modern-day preppers. These are honest reviews with products we already own. Safety and survival are my number one priorities so hopefully, there are some little bits of knowledge that I can pass on to you all.

Survival Jar was built with the help of my whole family. We do it as a project to gather the information that can one day benefit us all. If you have a great survival tip, please pass it on to us and we will add it to our ever-growing list of prepper material.

We will respect your privacy and never add you to any mailing list. I hate getting junk mail, be it in digital or paper format.

Please take some time to investigate our whole site, we are adding content weekly so check back from time to time. Be good to each other and enjoy life.