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Everyday protection is the number one reason why Americans purchase guns. Around 40% of people in America live in a household where someone is a gun owner. With some using guns as a form of protection via concealed weapons.

Concealed weapons can be any firearm (i.e., guns, knives, pepper sprays) that is hidden in a person’s possession or local area for the purpose of self-defense. Because of their nature, these firearms have to be properly stored to prevent any shooting mishaps and to be readily accessed when the need arises.

For households that own guns, it is important that they are stored safely and securely. However, it is also important for it to be accessible in the event when an intruder finds itself in your home. We have the right to keep and bear arms.

In this post, we are going to cover some different types of magnetic pistol holsters that can be attached anywhere in your home or vehicle.

Magnetic Holsters

One popular way of storing your concealed weapon in your car or house is to use a magnetic gun holster. In compliance with gun safety rules, these holsters allow you to store your gun in a small area when it’s not in use but easily grab it when you need to.

Aside from using them for easy access or concealed storage, magnetic gun holsters are useful for those who want to display their collection. They are perfect to organize your handguns in a safe. 

Magnetic Gun Holster vs Gun Holder Magnet

Two of the most popular budget magnetic gun mounts in the industry right now are the Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount and the Stinger Magnetic Holster. We’re going to look into how each of them compares and which provides discreet and accessible storage, without ever losing its magnetic power.

The Options

Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount

The Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount is a neodymium magnet that can be attached to nearly all flat surfaces. The mount has a rubber coating that protects your gun from any scratches when you slide your firearm off the mount.

This mount carries up to 45 lbs of material– nearly four times its own weight! Rymmes provides a lifetime guarantee and full-warranty for this magnetic gun holster.

Upon purchase of the Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount, you get:

  • Two (2) Rymmes Gun Magnet
  • One (1) mounting sheet
  • Included mounting screws.
  • Four (4) taquets (mounting plates)
  • Four (4) 2-sided 3M hard-mount tape.
  • Internal N52 NEODYMIUM MAGNETS, the most powerful magnet around.

I have seen some look-alikes which are similar such as the Keeper, DeYoung, and Black Rhino magnetic gun mounts. They all do the same job just with slight differences to the pattern and rounded corners. The Rymmes is the most popular though.

Stinger Magnetic Holster with Gun Trigger Protection

The Stinger Magnetic Holster has a magnetic gun mount that is encased in a plastic casing with a U-shaped hook that functions as a trigger guard. Its magnets are made of neodymium and coated with rubber to protect your firearm.

They are positioned in a Halbach array to prevent any magnetic field in the opposite of the mounting side– keeping your sensitive electronics in that side safe! The magnets can carry up to 15 lbs in weight.

magnetic gun holster stinger
Image Stinger Mounts

Upon purchase of the Stinger Magnetic Holster, you get the following:

  • Four (4) countersunk screws
  • Three (3) neodymium magnets
  • One (1) hard mount adhesive
  • One (1) gun mount casing

How They Compare

The Magnetic Mounts

The Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount is made of N52 neodymium magnets. These are a type of rare-earth magnet and are considered permanent magnets. This means it’s gun holder magnet will not lose its magnetic hold over time. 

magnetic gun holster for car rymmes

Neodymium magnets are the strongest commercially available magnets around. This makes the Rymmes Magnetic Gun MountableMount able to carry guns wider and bulkier than its own size. 

Despite its magnetic power, it is considerably lightweight at 11.5 ounces per magnet. This makes it possible to stick to surfaces with the use of 3M hard mount tape!

In comparison, the Stinger Magnet Holster has multiple parts: a mount to be fastened to a flat surface which doubles as the magnet holder, a cover for the magnets, and a trigger guard. The Stinger Magnet Holster uses three (3) neodymium magnets and can carry shotguns to rifles alike. 

An interesting aspect of the Stinger Magnet Holster is the way they position their magnets in the mount. Stinger arranges their magnets into a Halbach array; this creates a magnetic field on the plane facing the gun, while the other side of the plane does not become magnetic.

This is important if you plan to use the magnetic gun holster in your car as it protects the sensitive electronics that may be present on the other side of the mounting surface.

Mounting Options

The casing makes the Stinger Magnet Holster safer as it covers the trigger and provides a more sleek aesthetic. However, due to the added weight of all the cases and the three magnets, 3m double-sided tape is not recommended to hold it to surfaces.

Although both magnetic gun holsters have strong magnets, both do not scratch guns. This is in part due to the rubber covers. 

As a first impression, the Rymmes Magnetic Mount is good for more discreet and hassle-free assembly. Because hard mount tape is all you need to put it in place, it requires less effort than the Stinger Magnet Holster. I would still screw it down. I have had double-sided tape fail in the past. Especially if the car gets hot the double-sided tape can fail.

Simply clean the surface you want the mount to be placed on, stick the tape on the back of the magnet, then stick the magnet on the surface and– voila! — you’ve got yourself a gun holder magnet for your concealed weapon. 

Safety Features

The Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount is essentially a very strong gun holder magnet that you can stick to a flat surface. Although it can hold small firearms securely, it does not provide safety features such as trigger guards or gun covers. 

The Stinger Magnet Holster has a trigger guard. This trigger guard serves a dual purpose: it covers the trigger and provides extra support for the mount to hold the gun’s weight.

The Stinger Magnet Holster wins this round for safety. Firearm related incidents are responsible for 39,773 deaths in the US. This makes precautions and safety features for guns very important, especially when there are young children around. If you are using any of these mounts for holding your gun in your vehicle or by the bedside, Stinger’s trigger guard feature in its gun holder magnet is an added safeguard to prevent any accidents.

I would take the magazine out and place it in another secure location. Or use a trigger lock.

Gun compatibility

Since the Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount is a strip of neodymium magnet, it can hold items weighing up to 45 lbs. Bigger guns such as the Remington 870 Tactical can be held by one magnet but may result in a strange orientation for the gun to stick properly to the magnet. 

For example a Glock 19 weighs in at aound 23.63 oz empty or 30oz loaded.

Smaller guns may do well with one piece of the Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount, while longer guns may need two pieces to align the barrel of the gun parallel to the magnets.

The Stinger Magnet Holster works with most guns. Stinger works with pistols, revolvers, shotgun, and rifles, among others. Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Mossberg, H&K, Colt, Beretta, Winchester, Walther, Glock 17, Ruger, Remington, Kimber, CZ, Tikka and more.

Due to the trigger guard that comes with the mount, a board test may be done to make sure that the gun and gun mount are compatible. The Glock 27, Sccy 9mm, and similar guns have problems due to the edge of the trigger guard touching the clip release button, which causes the magazines of holstered guns to be released once gripped. 

Versatility points go to the Stinger Magnet Holster. Although there may be some hiccups with the trigger guard for certain gun models, these can be worked around by small adjustments. Shotguns and rifles alike can be mounted by one Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount, in part due to the extra support and safety provided by the trigger guard.

Comparison Table

Below is a table to compare the features between the Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount and Stinger Magnet Holster.

Table 1. Feature comparisons between Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount vs Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount

Rymmes Magnetic Gun MountStinger Magnet Holster
Shipping weight11.5 oz12.8 ounces
Weight it can carry45 lbs15 lbs
MagnetNeodymium magnetNeodymium magnets in Halbach array
Safety FeatureN/ATrigger guard
Gun compatibilityCompatible with most guns. Longer and bigger guns may require two magnetsCompatible with most hand guns and rifles. Adjustments may be done for guns similar to the Glock 97.
Where to buy

Although the Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount is lighter and more discreet, the Stinger Magnet Holster’s trigger guard provides additional gun safety and support to carry longer or bigger guns. This makes the Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount the better magnetic gun holster choice for household weapon concealment.


The Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mount and Stinger Magnet Holster both hold guns of most sizes and types. However, the Stinger Magnetic Gun Mount is the preferred choice due to the presence of its trigger guard.

The trigger guard provides added protection from gun accidents due to exposed triggers and also provides support for the gun at the bottom plane. This allows one Stinger Magnet Holster to hold nearly all sizes of guns parallel to its magnetic mount, whereas two Rymmes Magnetic Gun Mounts may be needed to get longer rifles to that orientation.

If you are looking to deck out your gun safe then mount a few of these inside after you have lined the gun safe with felt for a clean look. The problem with gun safes is they lack mounting options for pistols. These magnetic Glock holders fix that problem.

Here are some other Survival weapon options for around your home that can keep your family safe if you don’t want to leave a gun lying around.

Stay Safe Everyone.

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