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As a survivalist one of the most important items that I carry out in the wild at all times is a good survival knife. The wilderness is just as dangerous as they are exciting. Nothing that you can do can really prepare you for when something seriously goes wrong.

National parks and to a certain extent city life is full of threats. Not to mention the animals, you might even encounter human attackers on your way. And in a situation like this, all you can do is fight to survive. And for that, a good survival tactical knife will be of great assistance.

But which one to choose? Well, this list of 7 survival knives that’ll help you combat the wild can help. Each knife has a specific use case and I’m sure you will find one that suits your style.

7 Survival Tactical Knives that are perfect for you.

For all those who love the thrills of the forest, safety should also be a concern. One good equipment to survive against the wilds is a survival knife. comfortable in your hand and serve a purpose.

A knife to help you hack your way through thick scrub will be different to a pocket knife that will help you whittle down a spear tip. To help you pick the right one for you, here we list the top 7 knives in the world that you can choose from.

1. Survival knife kit with sheath

For those looking for a knife that serves many purposes, a survival knife kit with sheath is your best pick. These can hang on your belt and are very quick to draw out in the time of need.

It comes with a sharp bladed knife that’ll help you while hunting, fishing, camping, and even hiking. Also, some knives come with an in-built compass, matches, flint, fish hooks and a sharpening stone too. All of this adds to its usability.

Being made out of a single tough steel blade means you can strike it with a hammer to spilt wood. This way you can make spears, remove oysters, make traps and other useful hunting items.

No wonder it makes a really useful prepper knife.

2. Tactical Survival Knives

full blade Survival Tactical Knives with compass and sharpener

Are you planning on to jump into the wild or going hunting? Do you think you are going to face some serious challenges from the local wildlife? Can your life be at risk? Well, if that’s so, then this is the knife that you can’t do with.

It builds upon the common sheath knife and adds in so really special features. Its available in a variety of edge shapes such as a serrated edge, double edge, straight edge and also in a fusion of all three, this knife will always be at the ready to defend you. Or to be used as a heavey duty tool.

Another great thing is that these knives have a really long life and come with different types of handles, blades, and grips. This is the one item that I make sure gets stored in my emergency preppers backpack kit.

3. Tanto knives

folding tanto knives will ball bearings

Another one on this list is the tanto knife. The one similar to a Japanese samurai sword in appearance, a tanto knife is a very useful survival tool.

It has thin points similar to drop point knives, daggers, and bowie knives. This characteristic makes it proper for slicing, slashing, stabbing and cutting.

Another great thing about these knives is that these don’t get damaged that easily. Not even after repetitive usage. Whether you need to cut meat, hunt or defend yourself, this knife will help you with all of it.

single blade tanto knife survivalist weapon

You can get them in a range of either folding or fixed blade design to suit your application. The higher quality Tanto folding knives have ball bearings in the pivot point.

4. Boot knives and spikes

boot knife and spikes

This is one of the best backup plans in case everything else fails for you.

Keep it handy, tucked around the boot and pull it out whenever needed. It’s generally 3-5 inches long. So, won’t ever be a problem to carry. Just be aware it may be illegal to carry a concealed blade in public.

Also, to add to its applications, it is double-edged and has fixed blades. So, you know there is some real strength.

Still, just as said above, it remains a backup option when nothing else is available. And that’s just how it should be. Small and lightweight, its the perfect survival boot knife.

5. Kukri

And there it is. Another great addition to this list; straight out of Nepal.

This is the one with an inwards curve which makes it look like a boomerang. For those who might be doubting its usability, it is the main fighting knife of the Gorkha army.

So, you know this single edged boy has some real strength. Its perfect for slashing the jungle vines.

Talking of its usability, it’s totally fit for cutting through thick bushes and vines. Pretty useful for making your way through the dense forest. And just as mentioned above, the Gorkha army uses it as a fighting weapon and so can you.

6. Karambit

Karambit with finger hole

This deadly son of a gun, coming straight out of Southeast Asia is great for cutting anything from grass to a would-be attacker. Conventional uses like grass, rice and root cutting can always be overshadowed by others as it is a great safety knife.

The best thing is the hilt. It comes along with a finger ring hole. This lets you put a finger through it providing you a better grip. As a result of that, it becomes nearly impossible to disarm the person holding this knife.

It’s like an extension of your fingers and gives you a razor-like claw. The curve is perfect for pulling slicing action. Just like an oversized bear claw.

All in all, the Karambit makes for a great survival knife as it is lightweight and easy to carry. Where ever you go, you can simply tuck it inside your coat’s pocket or around your belt. Basically, a good survival pocket knife that can help you fight and cut through just about anything.

7. Folding tacticle knives

Okay, this one is handy when nothing else is available. Generally useful when you are not carrying your survival knife kit. These folding pocket knives can serve many purposes and can be concealed easily.

No doubt that knives with fixed blades are stronger and have a longer life. Folding knives have other applications and are generally cheaper as you don’t have to have a heavy-duty belt sheath.

The best thing is their size and the way these fold out and lock into position. Easy and safe to carry. You can simply put a folding knife in any of your pockets. This is the one that stays handy and ready at all times. Just be aware that there will be a delay in opening the knife up if you need it in a hurry.

Final words

Surviving in the wild can be as challenging as it gets. As a prepper, you might have to deal with a hell of a lot of situations. From cutting rope, gutting fish, sharpening spears to fighting your way out of trouble. Make sure you have a good quality survival knife.

But picking the right kind can be tricky, right? Well, for that reason here we talked in brief about 7 survival tactical knives that will help you combat the wild. Each has a specific style and use case. Hopefully, this article helped you. Check out this post if you would like to know more about some other survivalist weapons and tools.

Also, out of those mentioned above, which one is your favourite survival knife? Tell us in the comments below.

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